Why Auto Backup a WordPress Sites Is Important

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Learn How to Perform Auto or Manual Backup Word Press Sites.

At the time I was thinking to purchase hosting package from the large market of web hosting provider. I want to know which platform is best to run my website. After decide that I have to run my website on wordpress. I was inquire many of hosting providers, is there Auto Backup In Word Press?. Why we need auto backup and how can do it. I will explain in this blog latter. First I want to little describe Why Auto Backup a WordPress Sites Is Important.

All changes which we had done on our website, saved in data base automatically as you complete task and saved. Your posts and pages either you published or saved in draft, all comments, all the changes in theme. Widget arrangement settings which you did by custom HTML or chosen from the builtin theme and word press. These all your setup automatic stored in the database whatever hosting platform you are using to run website online.

Can you think only server database contains all your website material and suddenly it went crash with any reason. So what happened the result, might your site is running over the years and you have lot of data. You have spent lot of days and nights to write or make collection, it waste just a movement.

What is my experience

My website was running at Blogger , probably I did not focus on my website backup. The reason was blogger is hosting by Google which have latest and powerful hosting technology. On blogspot we have some limitation regarding widget and some other functions. We never have to worried about disc space and many other cpanel related issues. We need rarely our website backup. Mostly at the blogger platform site need backup at time we perform changes in template. Because some templates are not fit as our required, it destroyed the all website setup. In-case of this quick way to bring back all installation setup is only complete backup.

Blogger is providing free of cost and for ever service to create and ride your website. Just you have to buy one domain best related with your blog content. There is no much live support, you can find online any of your question answer. You can trouble shoot your content and site SEO quality with google tools. As my suggestions Blogger platform is best for newbie after they can move any best hosting provider.

Hosting website on Word Press

Hosting website on any other hosting platform we need to check many things before we purchase any bundle. Auto backup or manual backup is one most import function which we required. At word press every single day we will get some update massage about themes and plugin. Some update not fully matched your cPanel version, wordpress or installed theme. These kind of update will hurt your whole website setup. Should you need to revert your settings.

Some other common reasons we need backup, our subscription bundle limit and hosting cPanel service quality. Supposed we have purchased hosting package which have limited bandwidth, CPU, physical memory or SQL data base. In the result our website will go off line frequently. There is chance to lost some data. One other common reason to crash website, attacking by hackers or malware. These are the some basic for Auto Backup a WordPress Sites make Important

Backup is essential if we want to transfer our website one hosting provider to other.

Backups are extremely important and absurdly overlooked.

Above descriptions after if I have to tell you “it’s OK, everyone forgets about backups”… but it’s not OK.

Don’t put risk everything. Take 30 minutes today to setup some decent backups. I’ll show you how in this post.

I think you get enough concept Why Auto Backup a WordPress Sites Is Important.

What About My Hosting Company Makes Backup, If Does It Good Enough or Not

Might your host provider company is doing regularly back up or not for you site. We not sure how often they took it. How they can restore it or not?. Can you restore your only one site in your account if you own more website.

Do not relay on you hosting providing company, do yourself backups regularly and keep everything in your safe hands.

Not sure our hosting provider company may or may not do backup regularly. Even if they do why we should took backup our-self?.
  1. Backup taking by hosting provider may not regularly scheduled. Sometimes that backup not useful in case disaster if they did.
  2. Probably it could not possible to restore single website from you account from the hosting company backups.
  3. The Hosting companies not notified to account holders if the backup failed. Owner of website never knew it will be there when needed.
  4. Hosting companies backups have specifically design for WordPress Sites. This means they may not actually help the time need them.
  5. Account holder is at the mercy of hosting company if he need ever backup. They are not reactive as might be we think.
Why Auto Backup a WordPress Sites Is Important
Why Auto Backup a WordPress Sites Is Important
The result of all above discussion everyone should maintain backups set up from own side by using plugins or anyway. Position to tack action immediately after disaster strikes occur. Spending a few minutes earlier can save more time later.

How to Tack Auto or Manual Backup in Word Press

Your website WordPress data base contains the full option for backup. Upon your choice can setup it automatic or manual. There is more option in auto backup, owner of site can choose settings one of these daily backup, weekly backup, monthly backup or custom dates. If you do’t want automatic just choose don’t backup option. By default backup option don’t backup is selected.

Step By Step Auto Backups settings

  1. Log in your C panel account.
  2. log in to your word press sofaculouse account.
  3. Choose Your website script installations. 1
Why Auto Backup a WordPress Sites Is Important
  1. You will see pencil icon inline some other option in front of your domain.
  2. Click this pencil “Edit details” button, you will be redirect one other Edit Installation Details window.
  3. On “Edit Installation Details” window screen scrolled down and find “Automated Backups” 3
  1. “Automated Backups” 3 in the drop down you will find all backups option you can choose any one.
  2. Better not change Backup Location, leave it as default. If you create any other folder in C Panel File Manager you can select it.
  3. After your selection backup period, scroll down window and click “Save Installations details”
  4. Other Select additional files/folders are optional settings, in this may you will find your other websites witch running on same account. You can select from them anyone, the problem all backup will mixed up.
  5. Completing your auto backups settings you will see one icon 5 in-front of your domain name.
  6. Next time if you want manual backup just click on this 5 icon, on new window conform for backup.

That was the matter which you done extremely very easy.

How to Revert Your backups Settings

If you done already your backups regularly it is very easy to revert your all data including theme and widget settings. Really this is not difficult as we think. To revert all your data in-case your site crashed or just you made some unwanted changes. There probably daily bases plugins and themes are updating. Some updates not matched with our C panel PHP version. The time that satiation you feel relax if there is backup available.

Why Auto Backup a WordPress Sites Is Important

Follow bellow step to revert your backup settings

  1. On your sofaculous panel you can find key type icon 6 on top bar.
  2. Backups and Restore will be appear, you will find all your backups file here with taken dates and storage memory.
  3. To revert your backup data click on round icon 7.
  4. Opening the new window system will inquire some option, which files you want to revert. Select it by clicking in check box and done it pressing on Install.

About Some other Useful functions

There option you can download this fill by downloading button 8 and save it on your own computer.

You can delete backups files by pressing at X icon 9 if you no need anymore.

I prefer minimum two latest backups files keep and other all should deleted. All your data is in your latest backups file may one more file needed in-case file have some issue.

Deleting the old backups file it will save your allowing desc space as you purchased with your hosting bundle. If your hosting bundle is unlimited may do not worry, how much files have stored.

Bottom Line

If you read carefully all blog Why Auto Backup a WordPress Sites Is Important and how you can took backups. Hope you understand and able to do it yourself. Do not waste time and not panic how I can do backup and restoration your site. Let’s start today backup task your own side because it not work to hire someone else.

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