Top 5 Key Factors To Rank High On Google

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Today’s who don’t know google s important role in the human beings. Top 5 Key Factors To Rank High On Google. This is most significant tools that provide the information any kind of work, finding goods by online shopping, Information on regional news or world news, Sports events schedules or live TV streaming Etc…Google have a treasure of  million kind of material in his data base and it’s increasing gradually.

Top 5 Key Factors To Rank High On Google

It is totally headache of user that what he is looking or what he want to do. Just have idea and write some related unique keywords which you are thinking to search. You will find thousands of answers and many of them have the your dream. Even this is work like a counselor in people life

Many times have happened with me. I have some difficulty to find answer of my own question. Myself open Google on mobile and got my proper solution within minutes . I discussed with my some other friends. They are give me the same answer even they add more ” When We Have Lord Of Internet”. In our lives why we have to worry.

In this blog will discussed some important keys that can be boost your blog ranking high in google SERP

Numerous from us knows years back before web crawlers introduced.  Before the mid 1990’s if you wants to discover data and do investigate. It was sit with the neighborhood or college library to found what you wre searching for. Examining the key card records and strolling all over the bookshelves. This was basic to consider and expended a lot of time and vitality. It was the really hard job to get what you expect. More ever some people travel miles to acquire their answers.

If we see in the early in 1995 Search Engine (SE) like Alta Vista started to web searching tool. It was amazing to finding information with rapidly. New world SREP opened for searching information at one place. If we compare to now a days. There were many problems in the search results that was presented in the early days . Often there was not such matching outcomes what you needed on the websites. Reason less amount of data  in the sites and unorganized. Many times anyone started to find something, he could not see relevant information on the front page. Scrolling the several pages and much hassle, might be related keywords found. people were spent lot of time for this.

The generation “Like me” (those who know nothing but the “Internet”). The values the web as eating and breathing and knows nothing. How difficult it is to find important and relevant articles and books. It was difficult and time consuming world. The article have to write about old times for new generation knowledge.

Bellow is the top five important key factors that are necessary for new and modern search engines to show your blog at top. What you want and often provide it on the first page. These keys give you greatly help to recognized for SEO.

Top 5  High Ranking Key Factors

1. Keywords Title

Title tag is provided very important part in the search engine optimization. It’s describes an online documents inside history. There are many other tags witch you have to care for blogging. Title is important element after behind overall your post content. Title appears three crucial places . Browser, Search Result Pages and External websites.

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2. Keyword Focused Anchor Text  ( Internal Links )

Anchor Text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. In the modern browsers, it is often blue and underlined.
When you linked your own one page with other post, Before you link that page url you should write something like in upper example text “Open this link” these kind of words called Anchor Text. These Anchor Text with internal links are very important to promote your blog and SEO ranking. Always remember linking to your post that are relevant to described blog post.

3. External Links 

Hyper links that used in the post for an example or reference and it’s redirect to the reader third party website. Mostly these  kind of links are used target tag (” _blank” ). If someone click on it. The new window open with someone else blog. External links are very important to make your website popular. Attaching the external pages, you must look bellow thinks.
External links must be authority level sites (domains)
The page you are linking it’s should be popular
The content relevancy between target page and source page
Anchor text is used in the internal and external links it’s provide two main reason.
A- Increased the popularity of your pages
B-  Relevancy of the content can easy to ranked site.

4. Multiplicity of Link Sources

Domain is the address witch people read and search on internet for the blogs. There are two kind of domains Root Damian and sub-domain A- Root Domain. This identified the by address name. Root domain contain with extension like as .com, .org, .net etc- ( Example,’’ ). In my website “”  tech-spots is the root domain name, and .com is the extension. Root domain is the top level hierarchy of a domain. Top level domains are purchasable and can be purchased from registrars. There are many registrars companies that are selling it as Goody, Cheap Name etc.Some examples for Root Domains.

Top 5 Key Factors To Rank High On Google

B- Sub Domain

This is third level domain name. Sub Domain is not to purchased. Buy root domain and you can create it free under the root domain. By webmaster (root domain holder). Sub domain is created under the root domain, it’s address name will be longer the root domain. Supposed root domain is “”. We can create the sub domain it will show like this “” or “”. Both website address are the sub-domains that are working under the root domain. In the bellow example more explanation.

· (www is the subdomain)
· (has no subdomain)

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Link your site with unique Root Domain not a sub-domains

5. Reliability of the Domain 

By Moz
Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score and developed by Moz. It predicts that how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). A Domain Authority score ranges is from one to 100. With higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.

Note: These top 5 Basic Ranking keys are  inspired by You can read with more detail on there

Hope Top 5 Key Factors To Rank High On Google will be useful informative blog

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