The Best Blogging Platforms For Beginners In 2024

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The Best Blogging Platforms For Beginners In 2024. Today we will discussed about The Best Blogging Platforms For Beginners in 2024. Each blogger have different need upon there mindset and all blogging platforms have best for different things. Ultimately this depend on you and for your requirements but as newbies are concern, what is the best in 2024 from that we recommend them to use blogger as their 1st platform, there is many reason that we endorse for newer to practice blogger.

The Best Blogging Platforms For Beginners In 2024

Blogger is One of the Best Platform for Newbies to Start Blogging

As I mention before as being newbie you should have to use always blogger there is 6 basic and important reason that I will explain you why blogger is best choice. All bellow function well let you know why The Best Blogging Platforms For Beginners.

So now I will discuss some important Topics to know why blogger is best platform.


1- Easy ti Use

You are new in the blogging arena so apparently you not have much technical knowledge with HTML coding. So there is any dreaming to found any platform which is easy to use it is only blogger. Blogger is very simple and easy to setup for blogs. Other better thing It fulfilled very simply all measures which required during construction of blogging.

Blogger has similar post editor like windows word document or notepad. In the blogger, page customization is very simple. You can easily drag and drop any function gadget in layout area as you want. From the dashboard you can adjust post layout, page appearance and many more settings. These all simple settings for beginners make easy to use and recognize blogging.

2- SEO Friendly

If you are plan to starting blogging. Then it’s most important to know about Search Engine Optimization to make best blogging experience. Without SEO proper implementation we cannot imagined to get much traffic on our site from search engine. If you use blogger platform you will get many built in functionalities for Search Engine Optimization. Such as custom robots header tag, custom robots.txt and Google Search Console for best SEO friendly practice. You can optimize your blog post title, optimizing the image from post editor, Keywords and post descriptions. These are all utmost essential things to make SEO friendly blogs.

3- SSL Security

You are newbie or professional blogger, blog security is most important thing. As you know blogger platform is operated by Google. Google have lot of securities against hacking so it’s almost impossible to hack anything from their server. So you keep in your mind using blogger platform very difficult to hijack your data. All these security services are free from google. And you not have to pay single penny against security challenging to protect your documents.

Now google have introduce the new SSL (Stands for Secure Sockets Layer) security technology that keeping internet connection secure and protecting any sensitive data that is transferring between two systems. This SSL is provided free of cost by google in But other end when we use other platforms like “WordPress” the securities issues are very headache to protect your data from hackers. SSL system is very costly and definitely all newbies are cannot afford it.

4- Investment for Blogging

Starting the blogging is very expensive if you are using any other platform except Blogger. But in blogger there is most of necessary things you will find free of cost. Here is the list of some of them that you had free from blogger for monitoring your blogs.

A- Free hosting
B- Free theme
C- Free SSL
D- Free domain as
E- Free useful gadgets for blog post

These are all important and necessary to starting a blog or business your investment. But when we compare to others platforms there is all of these are payable and you have to spent lot of money to starting your basic blog or business. This one also I thing all newbies are not have enough money to pay for that.

5- Free Theme

When using blogger, you will find many decent themes (Template) in their directory. These all themes are absolutely free and easy to use. There is many type of themes that you can use it as user choice of condition and also you can customize them very easily.

There are many online websites like sora template , BT template and many more others that providing high quality and looking awesome free of cost and paid templates as compatible with blogger hosting platform. Google make it easy to upload your customized theme due to heavy server of google, themes uploading time is unbelievable very short.

There is function for backup of theme so you are nothing to worry about losing any part of your customization as well.

6- Monetization

Monetization is not necessary for blogging but it’s one of the most important for bloggers to earn money from your site, there is many platforms to accomplish this part. From all of them Adsense is the most popular and reliable. Each Monetization Platforms have their criteria to approve monetization on websites. All major platform has one thing common in their criteria to approve which is quantity of user traffic on site that is sometime very high recommended.

As beginner and newer blog site cannot get impressive traffic. It’s mean you will not qualify but the Adsense is not much depend on traffic, just you need some good and unique content on your site and domain they will approve for Monetization. Because Adsense also offered by Google so integration with your site is very easy hence other platforms have some complications to connect it .


Since we are talking about blogging platforms may you now understand. That starting of blogging is quite expensive and hard using of properly HTML codding. That’s why more than confident I can asked that blogger is the best platform for newbies to starting their blogging setup. Blogger is The Best Blogging Platforms For Beginners.

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