How to Make Money online 16 Absolute Ways

Make Money Online by absolute 16 and Various Easy Ways In 2022

Now in 2022 have increases the expensive of living life globally. That’s why every one need to earn some extra money to support their personal financial issues as well the families. People are finding the some alternative ways to raise their income. In this blog, we provide some tips “How to Make Money online” by absolute 16 and Various Easy Ways In 2022.

You are earning and then spending for your daily expensive. Every time thinking that how have to save something that you can use at the critical period. So it’s mean when you are earning much and spending less as your income, that’s mean you are the genius.

There is many people that are not have enough salaries to keep balance between income and outcome. Every one have some dreams to fulfill for their children wishes. Many of them want to make own home but they could not get their target due to limited source of income. Their employers also may not increase pay for them. That’s why people looking something where they can earn some additional money to help living balance life. 

Here are 16 Simple Ways to Earn Money Online

Really if want to raise your income then you have to spare sometime from your daily timetable.
If you are looking online methods to earn money then you are here, we will provide you guide in this blog how to earn money online without any investment. To get best idea witch is suitable for you, read this article till end hope you will find one of them perfect for you,

How to Make Money online 16 Absolute Way

One truth that is actually not talking the people. From where everyone have to raise their money to improve their finance. Also not discuss that how we can save money some simply saving ways. There are unlimited numbers of ways to earn more that you can spend daily debits and save for the future as well.

In this blog I will share with you only 16 methods to make money online. You can choose from them one or more way and get succeed. Always remember be patient and work regularly. All methods I have share here are free and need any investment to start it.

Get Pay With Affiliated Marketing 

If you want earn money online then affiliated marketing is the one of popular source to earn money but it need hard work. If your active with social media and have large number of followers then may it is easy for you.  You can make your website where you can sale goods online for others.

At your website ad links to sites like “” , ““, Commission Junction …..etc  show their products, no need much hassle just catch all info of product from desire site and tied on your site page, in the last to buy good redirect visitor from your site to goods site. If you provide more traffic to the supplier may they will give some special discount or gifts for your visitor or may be they can give you some commission upon the product sold out on from website directed buyers.

You can create fashion or ecommerce website that is most popular todays. May be some electronics accessories like mobile or laptops are very poplar websites to watch and compare rates and specification online.
“Affiliating marketing is only help to customers to find right products online”

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 Get Pay by You YouTube

You Tube is well known platform for video sharing your channel with login email. You can start your business though YOU TUBE easily.
and getting paid, if you qualified for it’s term & conditions. It is totally free of charge and you can share your thought in videos any time, anywhere from the globe. First you need to create one You Tube account

People who loved to traveling they can make money easily with shooting beautiful videos at various places and share on his channels. Other people also can upload their special occasion videos. You can share tutorial videos, cooking video or funny clips and much more, what you think you can do perfect. You have to share all material on here which is your own created. Once your channel reached YouTube Partner Program eligibility   You will may asked to need create one account in to monetize your products.
Sharing to other people product or videos you cannot qualify your channel for Manetization program.

Become a Writer or Editor.

This is one other handsome idea to make money from Internet at your home. And will get some extra money. If you have creating mind or loving to writing. You can write for someone who needed. You can write blogs for newspapers, magazine or for someone else for there websites.

Become a Freelancer and Make Money Online

There are may websites now the day’s that provided these kind of services. For those who want to do for others or who are looking others to do something for them. or are the famous sites that are providing these kind of services. Their role between worker and advertisers is the medium person.

They hire people after full investigation and give the warranty to advertiser till completion their task as per required. If you have skills then offer them your service. Join these platform and choose which kind of service you can provided, fill the all details  with mentioned your skills. You can offer to people for your service with charges of accomplished task.

Once you get approved your application, advertisers will contact with you for their work inquiries. Now its upon your completed work, how the customer satisfied with you. Much happier customers recommended you to others by writing comments on these sites comments section.

 Become a Web Designer

If you have knowledge of HTML coding or website designing then you can start business with this method. Make your website where you can offer the Web designing or helping people to modifications in their existing webs. There are many people who are looking developers for  their website support. You can increase your skills by learning online in website development. is most popular site for learning. Most important it’s free of cost, you can learn A to Z in the Web designing. or also the platform where you can provide your services. If you can get some client and satisfied them, there is possible to generate huge money. Sitting in home when ever you have free time do the work or become full time service provider for web designing.

Earn Cash Back at Shopping

One is the smart idea to get back by purchasing online goods. This can be possible if you have credit card. Mainly credit card rewards are the source of income when ever you purchase goods from any store. There are many online product selling stores and are them that lets you earn-back each your purchase after becoming a merchants. In local area also you will find much stores that give rewards to their customers.

Write eBook and Published

Have you some ideas to become a publisher your books but you are not have backup of your financial which give you support to publish your books. Then you can publish your eBooks on and sell it yourself. Here you no need any investment to sold published book. There is no limit to published ebooks. Your ebook will be appear after 12 – 48 hours on the store worldwide. you can generate more sale with advertising on social media,  your blogs or someone else social network.

Buy And Sell Domain Name

If you have skills to find some good undiscovered website domains name then you can parked it and you can make some cash on side business by purchasing and reselling. You can buy domains from or in bulk at low rate per year and sometime you can with higher price at per market level and according to demand Site MM.Com sold $1.2 Million dollars in 2014. If want you want do this kind of profession you select perfect domain name and market it on at some fee.

  Ear Money Through PTC / GPT Sites.

If you need some part time income or just need little  extra cash then PTC sites are best for  you to start. There is very easy to to earn by clicking and reading advertisements few seconds, you will get paid after each and every advertisements you clicked and seen.Like and best paying PTC sites where you can start. You need to signup for startup and earning.

GTP sites are where you have to take some small surveys, watching videos, playing games and some other activities  to get paid. You need you PayPal account to receive your income, may you can get payment by wire bank transfer or cheque. Join at least four or five website PTC / GPT to achieve some healthy target.

Open Online E-store and Make Money Online

Here is one other for creative mindset people idea to make online e-store. Where you can sell best art pictures, ready made clothes, hand made items and much more your products on it. If you not want to spend much money make strategy and deal some dealer, took product nice pictures and upload at your estore, once you received your order pick from dealer shop and deliver to your customer. All time make sure same items available with dealer which you had picture on your store to satisfied customers.

May you can get this idea from or these online stores.
Start it with in your regional area where you can able to supply easily. Once may you get much popularity or income you can expand it. Put option for other people they can also able to sold their product from your estore and you get some commission.

Complete Surveys Online

You can also make money by completing surveys. It,s take little more time from the GPT surveys. Normally it’s take 5 to 30 minuets depending on company provided particular survey requirement. There will be some question and answers that  have to answered. Some videos may you have watch, or comments on the products.

These site paid on your opinion which you mention in the answering form, comments on product, watching adverting videos. Even if you not want to write anything in these forms still you will get paid after complete viewing the survey. You will earn from $1 to $ 20 depending on survey length, country of origin and your profile login country. Sites like Swagbucks and are paying to people for sharing their opinions.

 Earn With Virtual Assistant

This is a worldwide service that you can provide online and can earn extra payment. Virtual Assistant perform various kind of services for their customers. It’s depends on customers requirement, some time you have replied emails, Letters proposals or may be some other kind data entries. May you kind join site to find virtual assistant vacancy.


The World is small now by internet. You can do what ever just concentrate and start. Their is thousand of Ideas you can find How to Make Money, I have explained here just few of them. Hope you enjoyed and find useful this blog.Please put comments if you can guide some people in regard.

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