Keyboard Event KeyCodes and CharCodes Value

Keyboard Event KeyCodes and CharCodes Value

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Keyboard Event KeyCodes and CharCodes Value

Press any key on the keyboard in the screen to get the. Unicode character code and the Unicode key code of the pressed key. Keyboard Event KeyCodes and CharCodes Value

Keyboard Event KeyCodes and CharCodes Value
Keyboard Event KeyCodes and CharCodes Value

You will also know about from where key you pressed. Either main keyboard or Number pad if you are using 101 keys keyboard. With Key Location and Key Name you will understand much easier than other online keyboard testers.

For the Keys Location generally divided into three categories. Main Keyboard Keys, Some special Keys and Numpad ( Number Pad ) Keys. If you are using desc top or bigger than 15 inches screen laptop. Probably you will see 101 key or 104 keys keyboard. This keyboard tester will never deceive you what ever using keyboard or browser.

Many online keyboard Testers stop working or given the wrong results on different browsers. But due to compact key codes this will work almost every browser.

After press any key witch kind of information you will get

  1. Char ( character ) Code for your the key witch you pressed. If the pressed key not have Char code you will see in “The Event CHAR Code” box No Char Code to avoid any confusion.
  2. Keys Code will appear in The Event KEY Code box on the table.
  3. Easy to understand your pressed key also will be there in the “You Pressed Key” box witch will help to remind you last pressed key.
  4. Some symbols on the keyboard under the keys, may you need to know the name for that. So in the Key Name box will give you information about that.
  5. At the last on the table box Key Location that as name here will see the from witch area key located on the keyboard.

Note all keyboards testers online available not check your laptop mouse pad or mouse keys. With this you can also know either your all mouse keys are working or not?. Both kind of Mouse USB and Fixed can be tested.

That,s why I mention this is compact it, This Keyboard Tester is almost full functions.

Press Any Key To Know Key Information

Some other useful tools online witch will help you.

Keyboard Event KeyCodes and CharCodes

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