How to Use Post URL Canonical in blogger

Defined how your post URL make as Canonical link in blogger

In today blog I bring solution How to Use Post URL Canonical in blogger. Canonical Link tag is used in header of HTML Document Codes of website. This code expressed to search engines that which is the unique link for posted blog. Canonical link tag is way to inform to search engine how deal with duplicate content issues.

If you have in your site similar URL with different content or similar content with multiple URL accessible. Search engine can not defined which is original URL of the blog. In this situation SERP result may be affected for your post. it’s also support to guaranteed that your site links are not combined to your favorite chosen links of blog.

How To Use Post URL Canonical In Blogger

In simple if there is not this tag, when someone comments on your blog then automatically one other link created. New link as post link + comments ID that time search engine confused which is your preferred link. Without this tag each post show two links one for web version and one for mobile version, this not accepted by google and other mostly search engines. All search engines count it as duplicate URLs.

How to Use Post URL Canonical in blogger

Here we will explain with an example that how does work it, for you to better understand

supposed this your post URL

If there is no canonical link tag in your blog and someone comments on your post then for comment will generate one other URL link including post URL Blog Url and Comments ID

Might be something like this example URL

For mobile version link create as bellow

These kind of URLs are same as web page link and with this condition search engine recognized duplicate content as example. Programmers make the this tag to prevent duplicate problem. This Canonical link tag used in HTML codes of blag template inside header section that directive to search engines preferred url of the post is .

Bellow is very simple code and may you can put easily including with preferred url.

 < link rel="canonical" href=">

There is Two way to put this tag in blogger here i will show you both of that

  1. Inside The Blog Post Header
  2. Inside the Template HTML Codes Header.

How to implement each technique and what is the benefit.

Pasting in Blog Post Header

If you like to add this canonical tag in your post it’s very cool but I think method is little confuse able because you have remember every time put this tag in the post when ever you write .

Follow the step as this,
1- open your blogger Template control page. Navigate on Dashboard and find and click on theme section. You will see two option Edit HTML and Customized Click on Edit HTML. When open template code click anywhere in the code area the press and hold Control key + F on keyboard, there will be small search bar appear, write and search this Code .

< b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

If you find it then good otherwise you past this code just bellow the <head>

2- Now all is well and keep continue to tag canonical link in your individual blog.

<link rel="canonical" href=">

Do not forget to change the Post URL of your blog here in link tag in each post respectively

Pasting Inside the Template HTML Codes Header

This is one time Code and blogger will understand it each time when you post your blog, blogger directive blog URL as Canonical URL

The same way as above edit your Template and search <head> when you find it, past this code bellow it

 <link rel='canonical' expr:href='data:blog.url'/>

That,s All You have done.


This blog know about How to Use Post URL Canonical in blogger and How to Put Canonical Links Tag in Blogger. The canonical link is supported by all major search engines: Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask and Safari etc… Using canonical link in right way is a good technique for improving SEO reputation of your blog.

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