How To Enable or Disable WiFi In Toshiba Laptop

If you are using a laptop and you do not know How To Enable Or Disable WiFi In Toshiba Laptop, then you probably are not alone. There are still many people that have to know the method of configure WiFi. Thankfully there are many methods you can do.

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How To Enable Or Disable WiFi In Toshiba Laptop

The methods that you can take via either the laptop hardware or the windows operating system. Before you used any of configure procedure, make sure you are connect to wireless network. While you assure that wireless network connected to laptop, used any one method To Enable Or Disable WiFi.

Method 1

Most laptops have a button in the keyboard to enable or disable WiFi. Look at keyboard and find a button with icon which looks like a small antenna. The button placement is different on each device. Some time it have a dedicated button or it may located under alternate function on the existing keys. If it is under alternate function button, press FN + key or if it has dedicated button just click on it to enable or disable wireless.

Method 2

Right-click on laptop wireless connection icon, one small popup window will open. At this pop up you will see two options

1- Troubleshoot problem, 2- Open network and sharing center.

Click on 2nd option ” Open network and sharing center”. Once again it will open the new window, on left side click at Change adapter settings tab. It will guide you to “Network Connections” page. Select the Wireless Network connection. Click left-button of mouse on it and choose option “Enable” or Disable. Wait for wireless network connection to complete order.

Method 3

Click on windows “Start” button and navigate to Control Panel. Click on Network and Sharing Center or Network Connection tab. It depend on your installed windows version. Next do the same procedure as method 2

How To Enable Or Disable WiFi In Toshiba Laptop

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