How To Enable Excerpt In WordPress Pages and Posts

Excerpt are the summary of posts and pages in WordPress. You can find excerpt in both posts and pages. But in pages excerpts disabled by default. Even in the Posts sometime it hidden from the post editor. Sometimes it hidden altogether in posts and pages. If you are looking How To Enable Excerpt In WordPress Pages and Posts. Read this article to know how to visible excerpts in pages or posts.

How To Enable Excerpt In WordPress Pages and Posts

As described excerpts refer to posts or pages summary. Excerpt replace the full content in RSS feed and we can manage it from reading section of settings. Depending on the theme It can display where summary is preferred than full content. This also display in a archive or index pages to showing summary instead of full content.

If the excerpt meta box field is empty of posts, WordPress will automatically show it first 55 words from the post content. If the theme is using the_content() and not the_excerpt() inside archive or blog index page, then the theme does not use them. Some themes are lack of this function but don’t worry we will explain here how to make is visible.

In case theme using the_content() you will find <!–more–> quick link tag on archive or blog page in posts. This excerpt words taken from posts content starting point. One benefit with this trick, you no need to insert <!–more–> tag in each post.

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When using the_excerpt() in posts or pages, on the archive page will find only excerpt words which inserted into post or page editor excerpt option. You would like to use <!–more–> link, do it by manually.

Enable Excerpt from Page or Post Editor

Are you facing the issue, your post or page editor missing the excerpt field, you can enable it from WordPress post editor option menu. As shown bellow screenshot, you can make it visible easily.

How To Enable Excerpt In WordPress Pages and Posts
  • Go to new post editor or edit your existing one
  • Click on three menu from the right upper corner #1
  • Scroll down the menu and click Preference #2
  • On the popup window tap “Panels” #3
  • Activate or deactivate Excerpt #4

That it now you have Excerpt in your post. What ever you write here it will show on archive or blog page.

Hope you understand now How To Enable Excerpt In WordPress Pages and Posts. It is very easy just you need to focus on this article and do it, as described.

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