How To Create Static Home Page in Blogger

How Create Static Home Page in Blogger and Whats Benefit For It

When we start blogging with We had find some issue about static page
Today we are going to discuss here about How To Create Static Home Page in Blogger.

After learning this article you will be able to fix static page issue, I explain simple way how to replace blogger’s default blog post feed homepage with proficient and well structured way Homepage, and when ever visitors will open the blog domain they find their front what you need to show or promote on first page to viewers. 
Most significant component of blogging have ignored by bloggers. Which is Static Pages, otherwise you can called it “Home Page”.

How To Create Static Home Page in Blogger

Home Pages are commonly used to speak the data story of entire blog posts to the users normally.

There is one more sufficient advantage to create your custom static home Page in Blogger. Finding ultra different method to keep their readers engaged with blog. Customization of the site make more beautifying as well. At whatever point another page is distributed, it doesn’t get lineup into the blog feed as generally distributed posts do. Theories pages or tabs in blogger are called static on account of their absence of dynamic usefulness utilizing server side contents (like PHP, Java and so on).

 Regardless of whether you are simply beginning with the blogging. You should add a few pages in your blog to guarantee greater believably and demonstrable skill like Contact Us, Sitemap, About you and Privacy policy pages etc—. All these kind of pages you will find almost every site. Mention above pages the goal that the peruses of your blog get in touch with you. Straightforwardly sending their inquiry or message to you with letter dropping and readers knows about what are the policies of your content. 

Prepare your blog

It is good to say that you are preparing to blog. The appearance and prevalence of a corporate blog with your own one of a kind brand enlivened landing page. Replaces your exhausting blog entries feeds, if you are desirous to composed the landing page as expert, At that point how about we begin on the best way to make a landing page for your blogger blog.

Are you ready Here we will show you, a bit by bit procedure to make static pages in blogger for your blog. Distinguish the need of pages as indicated by your blog and get them internet exploiting underneath here is simple to apply steps. 
The most effective method to Create a Static Page in BlogSpot: 

Step by step procedure

Stage 1: Sign in to the Blogger I am sure you have already created your blog with blogspot domain just we will start here about new page and fixed it static , log in your blog and open the editor layout dashboard 

How To Create Static Home Page in Blogger

Stage 2: In the Blog’s Dashboard head by choose your Blog from Drop Down (If you have many blogs created with single email) where you may need “Home Static Page”. In My condition I have chosen Tip & Tricks, Blogging 

Page in Blogger

Stage 3: Navigate to Pages > on the Right side layout wrapper menu board found “Pages” title after press it you will find entire pages either distributed or draft will show up. At the top side of this board their is a tab named New Page. To make new pages as demonstrated as follows. Snap this tab to make a static page.

compose  Blogger

In the HTML page editor in front of “Post” the write the name your page. “Homepage” or whatever you like and start composing the whole content which you want to be displayed on your blog’s homepage (e.g. recent posts, sliders, slogans, goals, services, email subscriptions, featured posts, categories, etc.). Give title of each post and short description of content inside page at last give the read more option with link the post url for your reader to click and expand all details. In the right side column open Page Settings , Add a Meta description for the homepage in. “Search Description” writing area, Open “Option” tag and Reader comments. Disable comments by checked radio button ( Don’t allow, show existing ) and finally publish your homepage.

You can use page preview option in up right side to make sure all is well

Redirect your new page as website landing page

You have formed your favorite Home Page but still this not your home static page. Now, this is a very critical step – be sure to the following all steps carefully to forward it as front page. Open the page that you create for your static page by using view option. Copy the URL of the page it will be like this your blog name /p/homepage.html . No need your blog name for redirection just copy after it.

Blogger layout

Now go to “Settings” option in blogger editor dashboard and under the “Search Preferences” 1 menu, edit the. “Custom Redirects” 2 In the Custom Redirection click “Edit” Option to fixed new landing page from current home page.
In the URL bar From just insert forward slash in To 4. Should write Your New Page URL “/p/homepage.html”. Without your blag name and Domain( or your own domain www.-xxxxxx .ccom )
Checked Permanent redirect Boxthe save your redirect with 6 and 7, Save Buttons 
Good you have done it. 

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Linking the Blog’s new Homepage and Index page to Blog’s Navigation Bar

We had done to create and redirection of our blog’s new homepage. Still it is not included in tabs of our blog’s navigation bar. So it’s means when some one visit the blog after searching our domain in SER visitor redirect to our customized page. May we have one step more to make this redirection as proficient way. So again we will adopt the strategy of sites main page including the landing page. And Index page of the blog in the route where the new landing page will turn into the point of arrival and the blog’s list page will turn into the site’s blog. 

Landing Page

To interface the landing page and blog’s file page, initial a fall we should make menu route for our blog. To do so go to the “Layout” Left bar in blogger dashboard and under the header area click the. “Add a Gadget” to open the Blogger’s gadgets menu in a pop up window. In the blogger’s gadget menu look down to “Pages” gadget and add it to your blog’s format by tapping the in addition to + sign.

After tapping the “Pages” gadget you will be diverted to “Arrange Page List” where you have to untick the old. “Home” alternative and tick the recently made landing page (✔). To incorporate the blog’s list page click the “Add External Link” choice and in the opened pop up. write title if you have wish and fill in the “Web Address URL” with “/index.html” as your website’s Blog. This addition will look’s cool menu Home to your modified new blogger blog. 

web address


By above all step following, you create the professional homepage for your site. When you have spend lot of time for your blog. This will open new opportunity for your readers impressive looking home page and for you improving the number of visitors. Create Static Home Page in Blogger to avoid confusion of your blog and organized more proficient way to upgrade blog Ranking in Search Engine Terms. Presentation of landing page is the first impression of any website

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