How To Create PTC Website For Free

What is PTC, It stands for “Paid to Click“, a site showing ads and when you clicked. Website will pay to you some amount for that click. This is the one other easy method to earn money. Today we all need money and want to learn some attractive ways to earn it. PTC sites are the best way to make money from home based jobs. Today I am going to share a complete guide How To Create PTC Website For Free in this article. Read this complete article if want to create your own PTC website.

What is The Meaning of PTC?

When we listen word “PTC”, we want to know full form of it. As earlier described PTC is the paid to click. But what about Paid to click (PTC) website and how it work?. These kind of websites are working as a communicators between users and advertisers. A advertiser pays to ptc websites to display ads on it, part of this money goes to the visitors when they click and view those advertisements. You can earn money just clicking and watching the advertisements.

How To Create PTC Website For Free

Learn step by step guide what are the necessary items required to create ptc site and make money

  1. Web Hosting
  2. Domain Name
  3. Basic PHP knowledge
  4. For payment account Pay Pal, Payza etc
  5. Scripting or software

Do you have above mention 5 things?, if yes then you are abele to create the PTC site.

Don’t worry you are missing something, I will suggest you from where you get it free to start up.

Web Hosting

There are two basic things required to run any kind of website. Web hosting is one of them. You can get it free of cost also but I recommended to purchase it. Cost for hosting 20 $ yearly. If you want to buy it follow this link. It’s like your computer hard drive where website all files will store.

For start up you need to go for free, then you can get it from websites.

Domain Name

An other basic element to run website is domain name. Domain name is the address which users will write in the browser address bar to reach your site. Chose domain name with .com or .net extension. Price for domain name around 10$ and you can buy it here.

But if you don’t have money you can still get a free domain name. Choose one from these- .tk, .ml from website also provide free domain as well.

Basic PHP knowledge

No need to have heavy skills for php language but you required some basic knowledge to do it. You can learn basic php tutorial.

Create Payment Account

Here open Payza Account: From here

Open your PayPal Account: From here

Install Software Script

You need script software create PTC website. You can click here to download software script for free.

How To Install The Script on The Server?

Now time to install software in your hosting cpanel. From the cpanel dashboard fine File Manager and click on it. In the root file upload this script zip folder and unzip it.

You also need Database where your site’s information like user details and ad details will save. To create a Database go back to your cpanel and click on MySQL Database.

More details you can read on readme.txt file in script.


Hope you read this article full to reach here and hoping you enjoy it. If read this complete guide, your are understand How To Create PTC Website For Free.

If you any issue about using above method, do not forget to write a comments in comments box and we are happy to solve it.

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