How To Change The WordPress Admin Username

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WordPress is the most poplar CMS blogging platform. Millions of users Worldwide using it everyday. In the WordPress website username created automatic when your host install your domain name in their server. If you provide a specific username to your domain hosting provider, may he will create for you. Mostly it not recommended by the domain owners or hosting franchise. As of many developers, the default WordPress admin username make it easy target for hackers. Due to this mindset, it is the most targeted platform for hackers. So do you want to change default username, learn three easy ways step by step. How To Change The WordPress Admin Username and protect your website from the hackers.

How To Change The WordPress Admin Username

Unfortunately there are still many bloggers ignore the one of this easy changes. If they do it, they can make ensure their blog is protected. Changing the default username help to reducing the threat of brute force attacks.

It is not possible to change your default username in WordPress, from which method you change your display name, full name or password. But there few ways which help you to do it. We discuss here three different and simple methods to change your Username of WordPress. After this guide you realize how it easy, you can do it within less than 8 minutes.

What are the 3 ways to change WordPress Admin Username?

  1. Change it manually by creating new admin username to replace default one.
  2. Use plugin for this purpose.
  3. Reach to phpMyAdmin from cPannel dashboard.

Change Your WordPress Username By Manually

Would you like to change Your WordPress website Username. I prefer to do it by manually method, even everyone have easy access this function. Login your WordPress website. On the dashboard left side menu click to User to see all users you have. Edit your default username but you will see here that you can change full name, nickname and display name but default username is not change able.

How To Change The WordPress Admin Username

Actually this make frustrating and confuse for the new bloggers. Wait we are here to guide you How To Change The WordPress Admin Username.

To Change The WordPress Admin Username, you need to Add new user by Log into your WordPress site Dashboard. On the left-hand menu, hover to Users and click on Add New.

How To Change The WordPress Admin Username

Adding new username is the easiest way to change your default WordPress username. Create your preferred new username and allow its role as Administrator. You have to do it by inserting different email address from the default username email.

How To Change The WordPress Admin Username

Fill all field, Username and Email are required, first name and last name is optional. User Role select “Administrator” rights from the drop down. When you finish click on Add New User button.

How To Change The WordPress Admin Username

Delete Your Old Username

Next step after creating new user account, logout from the current old WordPress user and login with new user account.

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Open your new just created WordPress user account from the WordPress login dashboard.

When new user account logged in, from the left-hand menu hover the User then click at All Users. This website’s All Users page will open, find out and and hover to the your old username. Delete option will appear, click on “Delete” under the default username.

Delete Your Old Username

When you click on delete old username, it will asked you to what you want to do with old username content. As bellow picture you must select “Attribute all content to:” option and from drop down select your just new created username.

Delete Your Old Username

After that you done your all selection correctly, time to conformation of deleting of your old username. Click on “Conform deletion” button to delete old or default user account.

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As result, your old account will delete and all data of your old account will transfer to new username account. As well as you have successfully changed your WordPress website username.

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