How to Backup Chrome Bookmarks and Passwords

As everyone knows that google is big search engine and it have vast numbers of users. Google never wants to use another search engine to the users for any reason. So it has take a lot of steps to keep users’ data safe by using which we can save all the settings, history, passwords, extensions, etc. of our Chrome browser. If someone used Google Chrome as his favorite internet browser for searching. Then he do not want to lost everything just small reason. In this tutorial we will detailed explain How To Backup Chrome Bookmarks And Passwords. In next blog you learn how to restore it back. This blog only How Export Chrome Settings, bookmarks and Passwords.

Why We Needed Backup Chrome Bookmarks And Passwords

There are many reasons where we needed backup of google chrome bookmarks, passwords, history profile settings extensions etc. Some of that, Might be we are planing to upgrade or just reinstall software on your system. You are selling your old device and buying new device. Probably you are using sharing PC, now you have any other option. One other important factor when required backup for all your chrome data when you don’t have your own laptop, PC or any other such device to use chrome. Where you find anyone device and your require to fetch your google chrome saved data. Sometimes system or Chrome unexpected crashed due installing any bugs software. Along these, many other facts contribute while we requires backup always.

So there are several reasons which all can’t described here because of blog length getting long. But one thing is common which we discussing on this blog. That is we need to take backup of chrome passwords and other data. What ever the reason to take google chrome backup, it depends on user. But it’s great idea to keep backup of your data always.

How To Backup Chrome Bookmarks And Passwords

If you have fear to lose your chrome bookmarks and passwords. There are top four ways to backup Google Chrome bookmarks, Passwords, history etc. Chrome settings backup is important which we are going to explain all step by step here.

1- Using Chrome Sync to Take Backup

Where we have several methods to take chrome backup. Best way to taking backup of your passwords, bookmarks and history is to Using Chrome Sync function. Always use your google account which you have (if you don’t have its free to create), it is easy to sign-in and setup Chrome Sync Function to back up your data from google server.

Google Chrome Sync What Backup

Chrome Sync Function is not have only to keep complete backup of your passwords and bookmarks, but it will save all your visited sites and download history, You can get sync data between your other devices. When you are using google account on chrome browser, Chrome Sync Function will continuously keep up to date your data. Which means you will get back always latest stored backup data.

Step-1: Open Chrome browser and click on user icon on the upper right corner of Google Chrome Window. On small popup window, Click Turn on Sync.

How To Backup Chrome Bookmarks And Passwords

Step-2 Chrome will redirect you to sign in page. To sign in Chrome Browser insert your google account details here.

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How To Backup Chrome Bookmarks And Passwords

Insert your Email in the Email or Phone area. If you still not have any gmail account click on Create Account fill up all required credential and follow the process to create new account. Otherwise write email address and click on Next button.

On the next pop up insert the password and again press next button.

How To Backup Chrome Bookmarks And Passwords

That is you will redirect to the Chrome window and your all data will start synchronise.

If you have previously stored any data at your gmail account it will automatic sinc.

Backup Of Bookmarks and Password

When you have login in the Chrome Browser it create backup for your bookmarks sites and saved password. In case you need to transfer these data to the other browser or keep it simply on your device storage for future use. By email you can easily retrieve all data only at chrome. But when you save backup of passwords and bookmarks separately, you are able to upload these file on other browsers. Let’s start first how to backup chrome bookmarks.

How To Backup Chrome Bookmarks

Follow the steps to Backup Your Bookmarks In Google Chrome

Step-1 ] Open the chrome browser and tap at three dots menu … at the top right corner.

Step-2 ] Hover the mouse over the Bookmarks and then select Bookmarks Manager on new pop up menu.

Bookmark manager of Chrome

Step-3 ] After Bookmarks Manager, tap the three dots menu top right.

How To Backup Chrome Bookmarks

Step-4 ] From the menu list click on Exports Bookmarks

Export Bookmarks

Step-5 ] Select in which folder you want to save this file on your device and tap on Save to save it.

save Export Chrome Settings and Passwords

All your bookmarks will save in HTML file with click able link. You can open this file by clicking it and access directly to your saved websites in bookmarks.

You can import this data back in google chrome or any other browser easily. To restore bookmarks simply click on Import Bookmarks from the menu list and select stored file from device memory. You can read with details How To Imports Google Chrome Password and Bookmarks

Step By Step Details For Backup of Chrome Passwords

1- ] Open Google Chrome Browser and click top right corner three dots menu.

Backup of Chrome Passwords

2- ] From the Drop down menu click on Settings.

Settings menu

3- ] From the new settings page, select the Passwords

Passwords List

4- ] Now click on three dots menu next to the Saved Password show as picture.

Export Chrome Settings

5- ] Click on Export Passwords and see the warning “Your passwords will be visible to anyone who can see the exported file” Then press Export Passwords button again.

Export Chrome Settings

6- ] It time to insert your window password if you have it, if you not have any password for your device it will take you to save file.

Window Password Area

Where you want to store this Passwords file, select your appropriate place and Save the file.

Save Passwords File

That’s it Passwords file will save in your device hard drive in CSV text format. As warn to you by google, if anyone have access this file, he will see user name and passwords because file stored in plain text format. It better to keep it in somewhere secure.

This file now have in your device, you can import this Passwords file back not only in chrome also any other browsers as well.

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This blog was How To Backup Chrome Bookmarks And Passwords. After that you can restore it chrome browser as well as others like Firefox, Safari etc. Export Chrome Settings

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