How To Add Live Cricket Score in Your WordPress

Cricket is a popular game in sports, it’s viewers and lovers available in the worldwide. If you have any cricket sports related website and want to show live cricket score on it. It is very easy due to plugins which you can find from WordPress Plugin gallery. It not just for only sports websites, anyone who have sites and running on WordPress platform can used it. How To Add Live Cricket Score in Your WordPress Website all details here. You can choose one the following plugin to show scoreboard.

How To Add Live Cricket Score in Your WordPress Website

People whom looking the plugins for Live Cricket Score to show. Live Cricket Score, match details, schedules of incoming series etc. in their websites. Putting all of these are very easy and thanks to plugin creators whom really did a good job for cricket fans.

There are lot of plugins available for. WordPress websites witch help to show cricket score, schedules and status on your website.

There are various API’s also available for this purpose. CricAPI and RapidAPI are two top API’s witch provided Live Cricket Score.

What is Live Cricket Score Plugins?

Live Cricket Score Plugins witch helps to show the feed of live cricket news directly into your WordPress website. Various Plugins are available in WordPress witch provide all basic scoring features free. If you upgrade with paid version there will be complete package after with you can design whole sports website.

In today blog we will talk some about some best Live Cricket Score Plugins in WordPress. That can install in your WordPress website and take free advantage to show Live Cricket Score and much more. Also we will guide you how to install and activate these plugins.

Ultimate Live Cricket WordPress Lite

How To Add Live Cricket Score in Your WordPress Website
Ultimate-Live-Cricket-Lite is the best Cricket scoring plugin

Ultimate Live Cricket WordPress Lite is unique plugin for showing cricket news at any word press site. In the free version you can show complete details of the Upcoming, Completed and In Progress Series and Matches etc. It help you to develop a niche sports website with all necessary sports site features. In the paid version even you can create much better and some other unique sports functions.

This plugin provide you to complete details of the Upcoming, Completed and In Progress Series and. Matches show on your site. You can took advantage from ULCW Plugin to show Players Rankings and full carrier status of the player. Ultimate Live Cricket WordPress Lite is updated automatically without refreshing the page. ULCW Plugin have also widget witch provide opportunity to show Upcoming, Completed and In Progress matches in sidebar. Some important features are bellow.

Some Useful Features of Ultimate Live Cricket WordPress Lite

  1. Widget for sidebar showing Upcoming, Completed and In Progress Match.
  2. Can change color for scoring table as matching with your site theme color.
  3. After match completing score and man of the match status.
  4. All international players static figure.
  5. With short code, series or single match details show anywhere.
  6. Match complete details with team players status.
  7. Plugin update automatic no need to refresh page to get new data.
  8. Once you install and activate plugin, It will create automatic some pages like Series, Matches, Match Details and Player Status.

There is much more function available in Ultimate Live Cricket WordPress Lite. In short in the ULCW have all the data to run full featured cricket website.

Note: All short codes details you can find from Plugin home page.

Live Cricket Score

How To Add Live Cricket Score in Your WordPress Website
Live Cricket Score WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugin Live Cricket Score is another power full and simple plugin witch allow to add Live Score Widget in WordPress website. Any blog or niche cricket site exactly needed this plugin to show live cricket score. After installing it shall create a widget that you can drag and drop at any of the sidebars. You can change the color as you like for widget background, Score Board Background Color, Score Color and Text Color. Customizing the color scheme make it good looking and to feel of the site and widget match color. There is easy color picker to customize.

The score is fetched from CricBuzz RSS feed and hence are always the latest and up to date. It shows score of the current match being held anywhere between any international teams. Even if there are multiple matches, it wil show the score of all of them. So site visitor will never missed any match information.

Important Features of The Live Cricket Score

  1. Extremely easy to use
  2. Score widget
  3. Score updates every 15 seconds
  4. Customize able theme, easy color pickers


  1. Short code and Template Code
  2. Caching of Score
  3. Full Score board

And many more

JoomSport – for Sports: Team & League, Football, Hockey & more

How To Add Live Cricket Score in Your WordPress Website
The JoomSport WordPress Plugin

The JoomSport is a all in one package for all sports sites. Installation of active users for this plugin have more than 2k plus. User review ratings is 5 star. This plugin is useful to show live feeds of cricket, basketball, hockey, football and a lot more sports games.

JoomSport offers the features essential for any sports site – sport league standings, fixtures, sport teams with description. Match history, statistic and photos, players with their profiles, photos and personal achievements. Matches with score and game details, and finally all this put into well-structured seasons and leagues.

The JoomSport Plugin is developed active since 2009. This the Full featured Sports Management Solution.

Features of JoomSport Plugin

  1. Robust structure – allows you to create different types of Leagues with chronologically organized Seasons that consist of one or several Match Days with Matches inside.
  2. Single and Team competitions mode that allows you to run both single players and teams sport league
  3. Responsive and professionally designed pages based on bootstrap framework
  4. Team and Player profiles with comprehensive statistic
  5. Round robin and knockout (pro edition) match days used in football, hockey and other sports leagues or tournaments
  6. Venue page with maps and description
  7. Extra fields that allows you adding more sports data
  8. Persons to add information about team coaches, sport game referees and other personnel involved (pro edition)
  9. Team and Player  moderation (pro edition)

And Much more in the pro (paid) edition.

How to Install and Active Plugin in WordPress

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