How Can Deleted Photos Be Recovered From An SD Card?

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How Can Deleted Photos Be Recovered From An SD Card?
How Can Deleted Photos Be Recovered From An SD Card?

How Can Deleted Photos Be Recovered From An SD Card?. What is the best free SD card recovery software? You may learn more about the top 5 SD memory card software packages on our website. You can recover data from SD card devices using any of the data recovery tools listed above. Let’s get started. In this article, I’ll explain how to recover deleted photos from an SD card.

The Best 5 Softwares for Recovering Deleted Photos from an SD Card!

Free Data Recovery with Recoverit

With the reliable SD card recovery solution Recoverit Free Data Recovery, you can be sure that your deleted or lost data will be restored.

It makes it easier to recover files that have been damaged by malware, blackouts, accidentally deleted, or formatting. Whatever the reason for the data loss on your SD card, Recoverit Data Recovery will recover it for you.

It can be used to recover any type of data that you might have lost. Additionally, you can obtain help from our free SD card recovery tool if you need help recovering lost photos from an SD card for free or other file types including music, PDF files, video files, and other types of media.


  • It can practically recover every form of data.
  • the higher the possibility of successful data recovery.
  • the ability to preview a range of files, including documents, movies, and images, among others.
  • It can restore data from a crashed computer (need to upgrade).
  • The shallow scan takes longer to complete than the deep scan.


  • Data recovery is only possible for 100MB files in the free edition.


We simulated the four data scenarios that we had previously mentioned during the testing: Using shift+delete, deep scan (to fully scan the C drive), and rapid scan, all files, and folders were purged, as well as the recycle bin (to scan the large files). In the initial test, DiskDrill is unable to locate any data (quick scan).

DiskDrill may search through a much greater amount of files when you select deep scan compared to the other options. When we examine the scanning results, We observe that the file names and categories are totally disorganised.

The ability for users to restore their deleted data is not advantageous. However, scanning takes less time to complete than other processes. Disk Drill runs far faster on Macs than it does on Windows.


  • It successfully recovered the majority of the deleted files after doing a comprehensive scan.
  • The shallow scan takes longer to complete than the deep scan.


  • A quick glance turns up nothing in terms of information.
  • It could be challenging to find your retrieved data after the scan.
  • After emptying the recycle bin, it does a quick scan on fewer large files, resulting in a decreased file size.


Software for recovering data from SD cards, such as Recuva, is free. We tested each situation on the SD card. Every single JPG image could be recovered by Recuva. This SD card recovery tool excelled in our four tests when it came to restoring different file formats.

The number of files that may be recovered is limited in the free version, but it is more stable. Users have the option of purchasing Recuva’s professional edition. It is capable of executing automated upgrades and supporting a virtual hard drive.


  • All of the JPG images were successfully recovered.
  • The best software for recovering data from SD cards.
  • Advanced file recovery is available without charge.


  • The user interface isn’t really intriguing or beautiful.
  • The free edition has less features than the commercial versions.
  • Other than those that are based on Microsoft Windows, it is incompatible.

Data Recovery by ICare

You can retrieve up to 2GB of data using the free iCare data recovery software. From these four different sorts of data loss scenarios, iCare SD card recovery was able to recover roughly 90% of the lost data during our tests.

It is unfortunate that throughout the test, it takes longer to scan for and recover lost data and that JPG photo recovery is not supported. Additionally, iCare is unavailable to Mac users and is only compatible with Windows-based machines.


  • The SD card recovery program is quite easy to use.
  • In every situation involving data loss, it functioned excellently.


  • Windows users can only use this app.
  • Of all the alternatives, it has the slowest scan speed.

Data Recovery using PhotoRec

We used the same data loss scenarios to test PhotoRec to the limit. Any kind of file can be retrieved using it. It recovers deleted files and folders from hard discs, solid-state drives, USB flash drives, and memory cards or flash sticks, which is essentially what this tool does well.

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Additionally, it may be used with a variety of PCs and hard drives, including external hard drives, and is secure and reliable enough for business users. The longest testing period was spent examining deleted files in any data loss scenario.


  • The data recovery software is available without charge.
  • Multiple operating systems are supported, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • It is capable of easily restoring various types of files.


  • A novice may find it difficult to understand the basics of the command-line interface.
  • This will seem a little technical to users.

In conclusion, the Recoverit Data Recovery tool has every feature we search for in a perfect SD data recovery software suite. Users of computers can now unwind knowing that the anxiety of data.

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