Estimate Web Hosting Disc Space and Bandwidth

How to Estimate Web Hosting Disc and bandwidth Required For Your Site

If you have your website on internet and may you want your site host at third party server. You should need to know how to Estimate Web Hosting Disc Space and Bandwidth required. There are many web hosting providers. Some of them giving this service free of cost like or, etc. You can create your website on these platforms and enjoy free unlimited time. And it’s enough space for to run your website.

But there is some limitations in features and you cannot modified your website as much as you like. Might you have made your site to earn money then you need perfect website. So to create a professional website you need to run your site at any other third party hosting web server like Easy Host or may you can find online afforded package or build your own server. If you purchase hosting with our link will get 10 to 15 % discount.

Estimate Web Hosting Disc Space and Bandwidth

When we decided our website to be available on internet hosting by somewhere, the most basic needs require are Disk Space and Bandwidth.

What is Disc Space

Disc Space is the same as computer hard drive capacity where you can save all your daily blogging data in many formats such as pictures, documents and videos, etc..
With the higher bytes drive you can store more data.
In the hosting, disk space is the amount of memory where you can store your website data on the hosting web server.

Obviously the volume of space needed depends on the size of your website. Most websites are composed of HTML (text), images, Flash, Videos or a combination of all.
Normally when your website included more text. You will not expect to purchase higher disc space. Because text is very economical, it occupies very little space. Images, videos and flash are more expensive, as they require more disk space for storing.

How To Estimate Web Hosting Disc

Idyllically website pages should stay under 70-80 KB, including text, images and flash. This is because there are many people using mobile with slow dial-up connections of under 56 Kbps. Even at the rural areas still not reached high speed internet connection. For these people who are still using slow network for them, 80 KB page will take approximately more than 8 seconds to loading. 

8 seconds seems not have big number, but imagine you have to sit there and wait, nothing just showing  at a blank (white) page for 8 seconds. Will feel a lot of time. If any website loads fast using slow speed connection it will be work even faster for broadband, high-speed connection. You will not loose your site visitors if pages are loading fast at low or medium fast connection.

The question how much you need disc space from hosting party, you can calculate easily yourself. Supposed average page size is 70KB, you can put approximately 14 pages on 1Mb (1 MB is 1024 KB so divide 1024 by 70)  of disc space. If you  purchase 1GB of disk space plan, you will be able to host approximately 14000 pages.  There is one other idea to saving your hosted memory, save videos on YouTube and other data some free hosting sites or Dropbox or Google Drive and share links in the pages.

Notwithstanding the substance on your Web pages, you have to consider any back-end Web facilitating highlights you might be utilizing. For example, database programming, shopping basket programming, secure installment handling, traffic logs and counters, visitor book, email records and email stockpiling documents. The more highlights you intend to consolidate into your site, the more disc space you will require.

What is Bandwidth

Which memory is using for transferring data from web hosting server to your site page loading time. This is called Bandwidth data. It’s included uploading and downloading both kind of HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) and FTP (File Transferring Protocol). Bandwidth  depends on your web page size, as well as the number of visitors to your website and the number of pages they visit.

How You Estimate Bandwidth

As upper example  an average page size of 70KB each 14,000 visitors per month, and 5 pages per visitor then your website will need almost 5000 MB, or 5GB, of bandwidth per month to run smoothly. If visitors numbers increase you need more bandwidth. You can calculated and buy plan as required.

Formula is simple ” Number of visited pages monthly X Average Page size in KB = Your required Bandwidth in KB and Dividing it with 1000000 you will get answer in GB.
Supposed a website 14000 visitors and per visitor view 5 page while each page average memory is 70 kb.

14000 x 5 = 70000 pages views monthly
70000 x 70 = 4900000 kb bandwidth approx needed monthly.
or 4900000 / 1000000 = 4.9 GB or 5 GB Monthly required bandwidth.

Remember These traffic numbers can achieve only some big websites.
Know also How many types of SEO which must know by any blogger.


If someone have launched new website so sure there will be not much traffic on it in first year. so he can choose small space and bandwidth package and can start his blog. Once there will increase number of visitors or page views upgrade the package.Best way to Estimate Web Hosting Disc Space and Bandwidth, Keep on eyes your daily page viewing graph, if you feel in the end of the month some drop in page count might be you need more bandwidth.

Dropping page viewers graph reason when your bandwidth data will consumed, visitor try to open your site take time to open due to slow loading or sometime showing error server not responding, visitors skip to someone else blog.If you’ll have low disc space package your site will crash time to time and error will show 404 page not found.Look before hosting that host can upgrade Web Hosting Disc Space and Bandwidth in the middle of year if needed.

Note:– You can save your disc space by deleting unwanted themes and Plugin

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