Difference Between Static Page and Non Static

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Basically there is two types of landing pages (Home Page) set up Static and Dynamic (Non Static) when creating any website

Learn Difference Between static and dynamic page in this article. Landing pages are when someone reach to the blog to read something. Ether by search engine or direct writing in the address bar blog URL and visit the site. Whom the page showing to the readers at first. It is call the landing page or home page. Today in this blog we are going to discuss Difference Between static Page and Non Static Page. Websites home pages are divided into two kinds, one is static page and the second is non static.

Difference Between static Page and Non Static Page

Static Page

Static page as his name meanings that fixed page. which are the browses from files that remain unchanged. It’s mean that these kind of pages are permanent content and never change what ever have written new posts. It will show same items what blogger has been implement. If admin want to replace some item should go to specific (static) page and add or remove content.

Static page give the full control to blogger to the present readers experience  on the landing page and help to create an informative brand and stronger uniform massage to expressed at home page.

However there is lot of people that are would like to create static home pages because they want to show their website more organized and awesome looking. Even this page created by choice and used as home page, site will imagine as professional way.
We can explain In the simple way that. Static pages contents are cannot change without editing from it’s sources codes.

Non Static Page

None Static page also known as dynamic page. These kind of pages are powered by the server or the website templates scrip and HTML coding.
In the non static pages will show different contents after each your new post or any amendment. All Changes that made on the website will reflect on the landing page in case of none static home page.

In new era this option is very popular because it’s looking nice and all latest information’s directly had in-front of visitants. This has the well known in the both kind of website, for personal blogging and the business (corporate) site. Main benefit for it, don’t worry to about exploring new changes for visitors

In the term of dynamic or non static pages are display different material with same source codes which applied in the template or server. All Posts and contents automatically updated on the landing page as soon new post has published.

Difference Between static Page and Non Static Page

Here is the comparison table for some major difference

1Static pages are not used Data base In non static pages, database is used.
2Static Pages Take less time to load Non Static Page take more time for loading
3Information are change rarely Information are change frequently.
4Static Pages are simple Dynamic pages are complicated.
5Pages will be remain same until someone changes it by manually Content of pages are different for each visitor because automatic changes are took place after new content published
6Static pages are written in Codes such as: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. Dynamic pages are written in coding such as: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CGI, AJAX, ASP, etc.

For those who have willing to own site and might be want to make a something unique and creative Static Home Page for his blog.
Read this article where you will understand step by step how to create static page for blogger


Hope you had got knowledge the Difference Between static Page and Non Static Page.

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