Create Free Visitor Hit Counter for your website

Visitor counter, Hit Counter , create a traffic counter for your website

Visitor counter is keep on knows to you how often your website accessed by viewers. Create Free Visitor Hit Counter for your website. Usually this displayed left, right or bottom of the website in numeric. It counts each number of page open by visitors. This present the information to visitor how is the popular website. Website operators use it to the discovered visitors number for web analytic purpose.

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Create Free Visitor Hit Counter for your website

You will find several online websites that are providing free visitor counters and some of theme provide purchase able counters. Normally free counters are finest work for small websites or low traffic. If you have high visitor traffic on your site may free counters are not working properly.

<style> .counter{ color:coral; border:4px solid blue; border-radius: 10px; width: auto; max-width:300px; height:auto; text-align: center; font: italic bold 30px/40px arial, sans-serif; padding:0px 6px 0px 6px} </style> <script> window.onload = function clickCounter() { if (typeof(Storage) !== "undefined") { if (localStorage.clickcount) { localStorage.clickcount = Number(localStorage.clickcount)+1; } else { localStorage.clickcount = 1; } document.getElementById("counter").innerHTML = "Page View = " + localStorage.clickcount; } else { document.getElementById("counter").innerHTML = "Sorry, your browser does not support web storage..."; } } </script> <div align="center"> <div id="counter" class="counter"></div> </div>

2nd thing is mostly website provided free counters therefore example Hit Web Counter etc they asked you to put your site address, hence there is some sites like Free Counter just generate codes without site address.

If you not want to depend on external counter service provider and stay on your site safe for your privacy protection, then you can choose to create your own visitor counter instead of third party and run it on your website any place. You just put bellow simple code in your html data base or template.

What You Can Change

This the Simple and easy Code for counter, you can make changes as you like.

As above picture you find numbers 1 to 12 and read explanation for each.

  1. This Code past anywhere in Template HTML Code between <body> and </body> Section.
  2. Align your counter place left, right, or center.
  3. With Number 2 <div> and Number 3 <div> This code you have to past witch area you want to display counter.
  4. Change Counter Numeric color.
  5. Border width and color can change.
  6. Change border radius in px
  7. Height of Counter size.
  8. Align inside counter area text.
  9. Replace with your favorite text font family and font size, do not change italic bold  letters.
  10. Adjust padding of inside numbers.
  11. This is Counter Result after your all settings.
  12. Here is very important function, in real their will be +1 for normal counting, Assume Your website already had 1000 page viewed then one time replace with +1000 and save all code then load your site, you will see counting as 1001 after this replace with normal +1 You can jump any number of pages on counter just swapping the digit here.


This was the very simple and very easy to create your own website visitors counter. If you want to use for each specific page number visitor count then may you have put this all code in each Individually blog post. Also you need to replace Number 3 div id name counter1. provide unique id name for each page counter. Same id replace in java script code also

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