5 SEO Errors Majority of Bloggers Ignore | You Should Be Aware of Them.

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Hello, buddies! Therefore, today’s topic will be those 5 SEO Errors Majority of Bloggers Ignore | You Should Be Aware of Them.

Finally, after sharing articles on his brother’s blog every day, he sits down holding his head in disappointment as the website is not ranked.

Friends, stop thinking that by sharing articles regularly, your blog will rise in the rankings.

5 SEO Errors Majority of Bloggers Ignore

Because there are thousands of bloggers online that have the same beliefs and are active 24/7, so why do their blogs not receive any traffic or recognition?

 And if we share the post on another day, what should we do in this situation? Just be aware that if you share 10 articles in a day without SEO, it will take 10 days to make an article SEO-free. If you share, Google will rank 101% of your SEO-FREE article.

Your blog won’t ever rank because of 5 SEO mistakes that the majority of bloggers ignore.

Friends, in today’s post, we’ll discuss 5 such SEO mistakes that novice writers must make on their blogs. In some cases, even seasoned bloggers make these errors.

As a result, your blog’s ranking will never rise if you continue to make these 5 blunders in 2022.

Additionally, any ranking your site may have will also disappear for a few days. For these reasons, if you want to succeed in this blogging race with your blog, never do the following 5 blunders.

1) Broken Page With Back-link

Friends, a lot of bloggers make blunders. We’re telling you this as though you have a webpage to which 10 backlinks are pointing from somewhere.

As a result, you erase those web pages, but the URL of your deleted page is still mentioned in the Anchor Text that is still present.

A Google bot, therefore, arrives in this circumstance and checks your erased link.

However, if there isn’t a webpage accessible via that link, the bot’s experience is poor, and then, the Google crawler will believe that your site is a waste of time and resources for users because it relates to that subject. has no substance.

So, if your blog contains any broken links that are causing 404 Name errors, please address them right away. Otherwise, Google will never give your blog a chance to rank.

2) Numerous Pages of Low Quality

Friends, you perform Off Page – On Page SEO, so you believe that everything is moving smoothly, but what actually occurs occasionally?

You may receive the warning “this content with little or no value” from Google Webmaster if the content on your page is of really poor quality, i.e., it has no power.

Why does this message then arrive? Friends, per Google Policy, there must not be any quality content on your website that the user cannot access.

So, unless you are trying to enhance the webpage by utilizing duplicate material, copy-pasted content, or an automatic content generator in your article, you can see this message from Google, which can send the message “this content with little or no value.”

Friends, if you receive useless emails from Google in the future, all you need to do to correct them is edit those posts once more.

After finishing all the work, go to Google Webmaster and click on Request Review. Your request will be approved within 24 hours for anything that has little value or that you developed for free.

Your page will then appear if you have followed all the instructions in accordance with Google policy.

3) Issue with Duplicate Content

Many bloggers and content creators disregard this and duplicate stuff from elsewhere, but you should know that Google’s search engine is 10 times smarter than we are, so we cannot possibly misunderstand it in any way.

Many bloggers engage in keyword stuffing or article spinning, but if you want to blog for a long time, stay away from all of this because it is known as black hat SEO, which Google detests and makes a website or blog more powerful than Google. receives a penalty for

4) Research Keyword Orientation

Friends, many beginners struggle to select the right targeted keyword for their blog, which causes them to forget where they are in the process, i.e., if they are just starting out.

That instance, if our blog has been up for only a few weeks or months, we will need to employ different forms of keyword targeting tactics.

Where can I find SEO? You can choose a keyword for your experience-based blog if you’ve learned how to create backlinks.

Your target keyword phrases should have 100 monthly searches and five words because your domain authority is less than 30.

Similarly, if your domain authority is under 50, you should target keyphrases with 1,000 monthly searches and four-word keywords.

And similarly, if your Domain Authority is below 70, you must work on Fewer than 3000 Monthly Search Keywords which will have 3 main words

5) SEO Friendly URL

Friends, many novices would have supported the article to perform the best SEO, but somewhere they overlook the page’s URL, which we also refer to as Permalink. Without URL Friendly SEO, your post would not have been complete.

Because of this, if your post ranks in the top 5, it will start to appear on Google’s second or third page. For this reason, you should never neglect the permalink! Change it up and put your chosen term in the URL

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Friends, by viewing the Screen Short of a Good URL and a Bad URL below, you may have a better concept of how to construct URLs in your site that is SEO friendly.

Friends, hopefully you are now aware of the 5 SEO Mistakes That the Majority of Bloggers Make. If so, you should avoid making these mistakes on your site, tell your friends about it, and subscribe to the blog. Today’s topic will be those 5 SEO Errors Majority of Bloggers Ignore | You Should Be Aware of Them Your target keyword phrases

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