12 Tips to write a awesome and SEO friendly Post

12 Tips to write a awesome and SEO friendly Post. Your a new blogger or old blogger and running your own website or for someone else. It must you have to write good content regularly in the website. If your content is not enough satisfy to your visitors, sure you are going to lose that visitor. But before you get visitors, it is important to write the SEO friendly post to indexing in google. Read here 12 Tips to write a awesome and SEO friendly Post that are really helpful. A good informative content and SEO-friendly article, can catch more visitors.

12 Tips to write a awesome and SEO friendly Post in 2022

Without good writing skills you you are wasting your time. Learn some basic writing skills to keep your reader interested with the content. When a reader reading the post and getting some good information and enjoy. If people like and understand your article, they will likely to share it with others. This will not only increase your viewers also will increase the article rankings.

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There are two main tips that must adopted by any writer, SEO Friendly and easy to read article. These two goals should keep in articles. Your post or article will always go hand to hand.

If you want to improve your writing skills, improve your article and website rankings. Start with these 12 tips on how to write SEO Friendly blog post.

Keywords Research

Keywords are very important for your blog or website. Think before you start blogging as your interest and collect all relevant keywords. Search which keywords are trending online audience. To make good SEO blog try to find keywords relevant domain name. Second task to should write topics on your keywords and in the text.

When you have done your keywords research create a focus keywords list to write about these in future.

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